Bilateral Workshop II - 2021

As part of the project named “SI Alignment: Social reintegration for returnees and internally displaced persons. Economic prospects for host communities in West Afghanistan”, WASSA is dedicated to strengthening the capacity of local non-governmental organizations to promote peace. In accordance with this commitment, WASSA organized the second round of bilateral workshops in which the seniors of both its partners (WISE and RSDO) jointly worked on the internal conflict resolution mechanism.

The workshop began with a brief reflection on the most recent round of bilateral workshops held in 2020, in which participants critically reviewed actions taken thus far, as well as the challenges and opportunities. Following that, the peacebuilding consultant gave a detailed presentation on the internal conflict resolution mechanisms used by the partners thus far, with a particular emphasis on their weaknesses and strengths, future trajectories, and alternatives. The participants also finalized the following documents:

  • Revised organizational development concept in the field of peacebuilding;
  • Peacebuilding sensitive evaluation form for planning and decision-making processes;
  • Coaching system;
  • Monitoring system;

In their closing remarks, the participants agreed to revise and reform some of the old conflict resolution mechanisms, as well as to establish a conflict resolution committee within each partner's organizational structures. The committee was dubbed the "Conflict Resolution and Safety Committee."