International Red Hand Day

WASSA, WISE, and RSDO peace clubs celebrated the International Red Hand Day in Herat, Farah, Badghis, and Ghor provinces. More than 600 people including religious scholars, civil activists, children, women, civil and military officials were engaged in various activities, from speeches, group works, public discussions to campaign and signature gathering by which the child soldier tradition was condemned, and fighting this negative tradition was remarked as a social responsibility by the participants. The participants have improved their knowledge of the significance of fighting against the child soldier tradition and valuing children as civil agents for peace and harmony. They have also committed to taking action in the field starting from enrolling their own children in school and supporting their education. The community stakeholders also promised to treat the peace clubs as the focal point for child protection and committed not only to support their initiatives but also engaging the club members in their own initiatives.  

Feb 18, 2021