WASSA is active in the process of maintaining and encouraging networking relationship with the following national and international organizations.

The Network will act with integrity to…
• Maintain an open and supportive environment in which all members are encouraged to exchange ideas and best practices, and to develop strategies to address shared issues;

• Strengthen members’ own understanding of issues confronting women through continued communication and education, thus enabling us to perform our roles more effectively;

• Bring visibility to issues of importance to women across the group

• Encourage groups to address women concerns, recognize women leadership, and create meaningful and significant opportunities for women to contribute their knowledge and skills;

• Collaborate to create and promote activities that visibly support and celebrate women efforts, ideas, innovative solutions, and accomplishments

• Collect and monitor data that indicate where progress in achieving gender equity has been made and where further efforts are needed.
Network supports members in furthering their institution’s efforts to…

• Promote equitable access to educational programs, positions, and resources, thus enabling women to advance their education, careers, and the missions of their institutions;

• Share information and increase others’ knowledge and understanding of issues of importance to women, to empower women and develop relationships with potential allies;

• Advocate for institutional change to achieve equity;

• Assist and empower individuals by providing information and resources for addressing concerns;

• Alert the university community to trends, issues, problems, and potential consequences;

• Participate actively in the development of policies and practices that will eliminate gender inequity;

• Ensure that accountability for gender equity is integral to the structure of each institution; and evaluate and monitor the status of women faculty, staff, and students.