Civil Society Empowerment

Center For Civil Society Empowerment

WASSA aims to build the capacity of 30 Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) under the I-PACS (Initiative to Promote Afghan Civil Society) umbrella through establishing a strong CSO network, providing support for individuals, communities, and institutions through access to partnership, knowledge and tools in order to build vibrant and sustainable civil societies, based upon individual initiative, civic consciousness and participation. Our key practice areas include institutional development (providing technical assistant to CSOs), building the capacity of civil society representatives through organizing workshops on different aspects of advocacy, community mobilization and conflict prevention, mitigation and resolution.

The civil society center is financially and technically supported by USAID and Counterpart International through 8-year program entitled “Initiative to Promote Afghan Civil Society” I-PACS.  WASSA functioned as Civil Society Support Center CSSC in the first phase of the program ( I-PACS I) and promoted to Intermediate Support Organization ISO, in the second phase ( I-PACS II) WASSA is responsible to the southwest zone which consists of 4 provinces Herat, Farah, Badghis and Nimrouz.

As a result of providing capacity building programs for 30 civil society organizations since the beginning of the program, WASSA was able to begin the implementation of joint projects with four selected CSOs in the Western Region since April 2009. The project was a civic education program for election with financial support from STEP / USAID (Support To the Electoral Process). The four selected CSOs are responsible to report their financial and program progress to WASSA on a regular basis, WASSA then reports the program status to the donor agency.

From 2005 till now the center has implemented the following projects:

  • Initiative to Promote Afghan Civil Society (I-PACS)- USAID, CPI Since 2006
  • Support to the electoral Process- USAID, CPI, 2009-2011
  • Advocacy for protection of Environment- USAID, CPI 2011
  • Community Protection for Disability Protection- USAID, CPI 2012
  • Women and Leadership and monthly dialogue meetings- NED 2007-2011
  • Consolidating Women’s Civic Engagement, NED 2012