Conflict Resolution & Peace-Building

Center for Conflict Resolution and Peace Building 

The Center for Conflict Resolution and Peace-Building at WASSA was officially established in 2008. The vision underlining the necessity of establishing this cen­ter was that peace cannot happen overnight and requires a long term commitment and knowledge. It was also established based on the fact that “Peace is not an event; it is a process”. The center’s goal is to build local capacity, connect local people to policy makers and advocate at policy level for sustainable peace building methods and approaches that includes all sectors of society in order to establish and maintain sustainable peace. We know it is a long term process but we are committed to this mission and strive for its success. To achieve this goal, the center has the following objectives; Research, Education (including capacity Building) and Policy advocacy.

From 2008 till today the center has implemented the following projects:

  • Multi-track approaches to Peace building from 2009-2011
  • Mediation and negotiation training for communities in conflict (2010)
  • Women participation in reconciliation (2011)
  • Trauma healing for women (2011-2012)
  • Conducting international peace day in 21st September of each year since establishment of this center
  • Conflict Prevention and Trust Building (2013 to 2016)