Legal And Social Protection

Center for Legal and Social Protection

The center for Legal & Social Protection was established in WASSA on 2005 in-order to build the capacity of both women and men through different capacity building and community mobilization programs.

Legal & Social Protection center served its concerned people on projects like; Reduction of poverty among those women who are working in informal factories. The program was financially supported for three years by European Commission in Afghanistan.

Enhance the resilience of our area of influence the most vulnerable populations affected by disease, hunger, poverty, unemployment and etc. We achieve this through appreciative community appraisal and planning, and scheme in-income generation projects, WASSA is working on 6-years program with Christian Aid in Afghanistan to mobilize the community for women legal and social protection. The project goal is to Reduce poverty among the most vulnerable, Widows, martyrs, disabled, and displaced women and men in Herat province, through implementation of this project.

Legal Aid Clinic / Right and Democracy 2008-2013

Women access to justice / USAID 2014-2015

Social Protection project / DRC 2014-2017

Children in conflict with law / WARCHILD UK 2011-2013

Street working children / UNICEF 2011