The Women’s Activities and Social Services Association (WASSA) was established in 2002 as Afghanistan's first women’s independent organization.

WASSA aims to promote women’s equal participation in socio-economic sectors of the country, is committed to seeking ways for women empowerment, and works directly with communities to bring change in the social attitude of the society in Afghanistan.

WASSA throughout its lifetime has implemented various projects in Western Region committedly and accountable.  WASSA has played a positive role as a civil society promoter and supported various projects successfully. Meanwhile, WASSA is known as the most capable NGO in the western region for implementing protection activities. 

WASSA has actively and effectively been implementing projects after the fall of the government in 2021. WASSA being the strategic partner to some donors has been supporting the society empowerment and humanitarian assistance via protection, food security, nutrition and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene as well as socioeconomic resilience projects in Western Region.


WASSA envisions Afghanistan as a co-existing society free of any form of violence and discrimination in which everyone has equal rights and access to basic needs, social justice, and dignity.


To facilitate the humanitarian assistance, social empowerment and access to human rights in Afghanistan through the strategic objectives of WASSA.

Core Values


WASSA tries to be honest, transparent and reliable in all aspects of deals.


WASSA is committed to best serve Afghans effectively and constructively.


WASSA deeply respects Islamic values, national, culture, knowledge and traditions of Afghans.


WASSA cooperates with society to build a culture of peace, assistance, co-existence and no-violence in Afghanistan.


WASSA is committed to equality give share, training and empowerment to both women and men.

Strategic Goals and Objectives

  • Empowerment of all women and girls to have their human rights; increase their access to civic education, socio-economic and income generation programs
  • Empower communities to mitigate protection risks and strengthen communities’ resilience and peaceful coexistence; ensuring psychosocial support for vulnerable and protective spaces for learning.
  • Ensuring every child, including adolescents is protected from violence, exploitation, abuse, neglect and harmful practices while learns and acquires skills for the future and has access to inclusive social protection and lives free of poverty
  • Channeling the humanitarian assistance to ensure the beneficiaries live in a safe and sustainable climate and environment; endeavoring activities towards ending hunger, improving access to food, agricultural productivity and sustainable food production systems
  • Empower the role of youth in the community, decision making and advocacy

Our Network 

Following its establishment, WASSA has been an active member of the UN coordination body. All activities of WASSA are aligned with SGD and as per the relevant clusters of funding UN agencies. WASSA is currently a member and participate

AHF, OCHA, ACBAR, Protection Cluster, WASH Cluster, Afghan Civil Society Forum, “Afghan Women Network”, “Women in Persian Speaking Countries”, “WE CAN Campaign”, “Women Living Under Muslim Law”

Our Team

We’re a sincere organization with a straightforward vision. We believe that there is an amazing amount to be learned by working in a “real-world” humanitarian services environment, alongside other like-minded organizations.

We’ve had an amazing journey coming to where we are today, and now feeling confident that we can provide our people professional and effective solutions and services in a timely-manner. We have extensive skills in implementing projects on SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

Our Partners 


The updated financial report could be obtained from the below link:


Founder's Message

Growing in an Afghan traditional and faithful family, from the early age, I was thought by my late father, the importance of contributing in humanitarian assistance and being an active part of the community helping the ones in need.  

I strongly believe that helping others should be an important part of everybody’s life. I feel so good being involved in philanthropy activities and I am ready to dedicate most of my time on this amazing journey that has so far involved my entire family and based on this fundamental belief WASSA was established. 

Afghanistan has achieved many social, economic, financial and legal successes over the past years and has the potential to grow to become a self-dependent at region level.  However, other things such as decades of war, drought, internal conflicts and pandemic has put the country in a critical condition that needs immediate international humanitarian assistance more than any time.

The above-mentioned challenges pushed most of the Afghanistan communities to focus on immigrating within the country and abroad thus only few families could invest on education, health, economy and cultural values. This is especially more visible in the less privileged Afghanistan communities where they often lack the knowledge and resources to build a standard life for their children.  Through WASSA, we hope to acknowledge this issue by providing the most vulnerable and underprivileged families with the right humanitarian packages, and resources to help them reintegrate and start a normal life again.   In turn, the future generation of Afghanistan will be able to gain vital values like perseverance, confidence, teamwork and positivity - all the competencies that is needed to help transform Afghanistan society towards having a brighter future.

Mr. Khatibi

WASSA Founder