Bilateral Workshop I - 2020

As part of the project named “SI Alignment: Social reintegration for returnees and internally displaced persons, Economic prospects for host communities in West Afghanistan”, WASSA is dedicated to strengthening the capacity of local non-governmental organizations to promote peace. In accordance with this commitment, WASSA organized a bilateral workshop in which the seniors of both its partners (WISE and RSDO) could reflect on the assessment results.

At the outset, the WASSA Peacebuilding consultant presented the assessment and underlined the key findings. Following that, the participants critically reflect on the assessment results from a managerial standpoint. The session was extended with a detailed discussion of the development of an organizational capacity-building concept for the partners in the sector of peacebuilding. Finally, the participants went over an evaluation form that had been designed to assess the decision-making processes' peacebuilding sensitivities.

In closing remarks, participants agreed to put the development concept into action and to support strategic organizational peacebuilding efforts.