International Women’s Day

The “Experience-sharing and Supporting Session: Female Pioneering Change-makers” initiative was conducted by the Young Peace Leaders Clubs of WASSA, WISE, and RSDO in Herat, Farah, Ghor, and Badghis. On this occasion, 12 local pioneering and change-making women (6 entrepreneurs and 6 civil society activists) were invited to tell their life stories to young girls who had participated in vocational and peacebuilding pieces of training.  The guests presented their stories in three areas - missions, challenges, and opportunities - and a special focus on achievements. The Pioneering and change-making women gave four main tips to the young girls:-        Change requires a clear vision that evolves over time.-        Challenges and obstacles are not as scary and invincible as they seem. Endurance and perseverance over time erode the foundations of challenges and obstacles.-        Planning and pragmatism is the key to success. Creativity and innovation are complementary and its conditions.-        If more women think like you, you will succeed sooner. So it is better to inspire others and bring more women with us.The program ended with the distribution of toolkits to cosmetics trainees in Farah province and the distribution of awards to the pioneering and change-making women. 

March 8, 2021