Co-Founder's Message

Growing up in an Afghan traditional and faithful family, from the early age, I was thought by my late father, the importance of contributing to humanitarian assistance and being an active part of the community helping the ones in need.

I strongly believe that helping others should be an important part of everybody’s life. I feel so good being involved in philanthropy activities and I am ready to dedicate most of my time to this amazing journey that has so far involved my entire family and based on this fundamental belief WASSA was established.

Afghanistan has achieved many social, economic, financial and legal successes over the past years and has the potential to grow to become a self-dependent at the regional level. However, other things such as decades of war, drought, internal conflicts and pandemics have put the country in a critical condition that needs immediate international humanitarian assistance more than any time.

The above-mentioned challenges pushed most of the Afghanistan communities to focus on immigrating within the country and abroad thus only a few families could invest in education, health, economy, and cultural values. This is especially more visible in the less privileged Afghanistan communities where they often lack the knowledge and resources to build a standard life for their children. Through WASSA, we hope to acknowledge this issue by providing the most vulnerable and underprivileged families with the right humanitarian packages, and resources to help them reintegrate and start a normal life again. In turn, the future generation of Afghanistan will be able to gain vital values like perseverance, confidence, teamwork, and positivity – all the competencies that are needed to help transform Afghanistan society toward having a brighter future.

Mr. Khatibi
WASSA Founder