Our Vision

WASSA envisions Afghanistan as a co-existing society free of any form of violence and discrimination in which everyone has equal rights and access to basic needs, social justice, and dignity.

Our Mission

 To facilitate humanitarian assistance, social empowerment, sustain durable solutions, and access to human rights in Afghanistan through the strategic goals and objectives of WASSA.

Core Values


WASSA tries to be honest, transparent, and reliable in all aspects of deals


WASSA is committed to best serve Afghans effectively and constructively. Locally lead, globally skilled accountable to stakeholders.


WASSA deeply respects the Islamic values, national, culture, knowledge, and traditions of Afghans. And provides a safe environment.


WASSA cooperates with society to build a culture of peace, assistance, co-existence and no violence in Afghanistan.


WASSA is committed to equality giving share, training, and empowerment to both women and men.

Strategic goals and objectives 2022 – 2025