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Multi-Purpose Women’s Center Project Cash Distribution

Cash Distribution

Multi-Purpose Women’s Center Project, implemented by WASSA in Injil District, is providing crucial cash assistance to most vulnerable families. This initiative, supported by the esteemed organization CARE, is a lifeline for families struggling in the face of Afghanistan’s dire economic situation.

The economic challenges in Afghanistan have been exacerbated by the impact of natural disasters such as earthquakes and Floods. These earthquakes have left many families homeless and without access to basic necessities. The cash assistance being distributed by WASSA is a vital support system for these families, helping them meet their immediate needs and begin to rebuild their lives.

Each household receiving the cash assistance, amounting to $280 or 19910 Afghanis, can use this financial support to purchase food, shelter, and other essentials. In a time of great uncertainty and hardship, this assistance is providing much-needed relief and hope for a better future for these vulnerable families.

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