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WASSA Participates in the International Forum for Women, Peace and Security (WPS Forum) in the Republic of Kosovo, 2024

Muhammad Sakhi

The International Forum for Women, Peace and Security (WPS Forum) recently convened leaders, experts, academics, civil society representatives, influencers, youth, and other groups to address global challenges to the WPS Agenda. Muhammad Sakhi the Executive Director of WASSA participated in this important summit as a delegate, engaging in official meetings with UN representatives and international humanitarian actors.

During the forum, discussions centered on the urgent need for gender inclusion and involvement of women in socioeconomic development. The focus was on tackling conflict-related gender rights and enhancing safety for women and girls amidst rising climate security threats. The goal was to address both historical and emerging climate challenges to advance the WPS Agenda.

WASSA’s Executive Director’s involvement in these discussions was marked by promising and fruitful exchanges on gender inclusion and humanitarian action. This participation underscores WASSA’s commitment to promoting enduring, equitable, and sustainable solutions through collaborative efforts with international partners.

Republic of Kosovo, 2024

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